I have been seen by Dr. Schow two times. The first time I saw him, was for a root canal. I have had many root canals in my lifetime and this is the first time that I actually believe I fell asleep during the procedure! It was completely pain free and I have had no problems with the tooth since. My husband also saw Dr. Schow for a root canal and it was he that recommended I see Dr. Schow when my regular dentist was unable to do the procedure. I was recently referred to him again for a possible root fracture. The whole staff is very friendly and likeable as is Dr. Schow. He took the time to address my concerns and is very knowledgeable in his profession. I would recommend Dr. Schow to anyone needing dental care.


---  Sharon Kennedy  ---

Dr Schow gives the best root canals ever. He is the only one I will allow to do a root canal on me…


--- Rhonda Freeman ---

My regular dentist referred me to Dr. Schow for a special procedure to get rid of infection in a back molar. He had to go into the upper side of my gum to do this, needing to pull my cheek way back to get to the tooth. He was very patient and kind, and I didn’t feel any pain. This occurred in 2013. I feel he is very competent in his profession.


---  Susan Kinnison   ---

I saw Dr. Schow for a root canal and it was completely pain free. In fact I dozed off a couple times because I didn’t feel a thing which proves how gentle and excellent Dr. Schow is. I would recommend him to anybody in need of a root canal.


---  Tanner Christensen   ---

I kept bracing myself for pain, but it never came. Thank you, Dr. Schow, for the smoothest root canal procedure I could have ever imagined! Your office oozes professionalism and relaxation. I knew I had made the right choice the moment I walked in the door.


---  Andra Henriques   ---

I needed a root canal and was worried but it went very smooth with no pain. thank you Dr. Schow and staff for making my life better.


---  Sandy Allen  ---

Having had a root canal in the past was a very unpleasant experience. My experience with Dr. Schow was painless and anxiety free. I would certainly recommend Dr. Schow and staff to anyone.


---  Mel Carstetter  ---

My recent root canal with Dr. Schow was great if a root canal can be great. The whole procedure was painless and the Dr. and the staf fwere fantastic


---  Henrietta Jacobson   ---

Dr. Schow was excellent. His style was gentle and caring. His supporting staff were very helpful and kind. Best root canal with very little stress.

A five star rating!

I will recommend Dr. Schow for those that need a root canal.


---  Judy Denis   ---

I had a root canal done recently by Dr. Schow. He was not only professional and friendly, but very calming.

I would definitely recommend him in the future.

Thank you.


---  Jessica Matous  ---

I was referred to Dr. Schow by my dentist to get my root canal re-done.

I have 10 root canals done already. So I know that there would be some pain with the procedure. But, to my surprise, the treatment from Dr. Schow was completely painless. I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure.

Also, the procedure was fast and he completed everything in one sitting which was amazing.

The staff here is also very friendly. I kind of called in at the eleventh hour but still they were able to accommodate me in the next day’s schedule.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Schow to everyone.


---  Kuldeep More  ---

Dr. Schow was great. I like him a lot because he makes things more fun than scary. My root canal didn’t hurt that much.


---  Shannon McDaniel  ---

Just had a root canal done, I would admit that I was very nervous but to my surprise I did not feel any pain. Dr. Schow was so friendy and very professional, he did an amazing job.

I’m also very impressed with the friendly staff, specially Sherry who was very knowledagle about these procedures which made this whole experience much easier for me. Thanks!


---  Marvin Valenzuela  ---

I had a root canal done recently, Dr. Schow was excellent, I would definitely go back for further work. His staff was very friendly and a nice clean office. Thank you Dr. Schow and staff.


---  Dennis Crutchfield  ---

Dr. Schow is the best! I’ve seen a few Endodontists and he is by far the most compassionate. Dr. Schow’s team are wonderful and very caring as well.

I refer Dr. Schow to anyone in need of this type of service.

Thanks Doc!


---  Linda Bauer  ---

Just had a root canal done today and it is not something I would like to have done again anytime soon, but if I ever need another one, I will surely go to Dr. Schow. Everyone in the office is very friendly.


---  Carol Pegoraro  ---

Highest quality technology, best service and great atmosphere in this office. Dr. Schow and staff were more than welcoming and professional. This has to be my best dental experience ever!

Thank you so much!


---  Roxanne Parisien  ---

I had the dreaded double root canal. Amazingly, it was 99.9% pain free and without excess Novocaine. Thank you Dr. Schow and staff.


---  Howard Marshack  ---

I found out right before a 3-day week-end that I needed a root canal. Dr. Schow and his staff cheerfully stayed late to prep the tooth so I could make it thru the week-end without pain. The great service continued when I had the root canal on Tuesday. I was impressed with how attentive and caring Dr. Schow and his staff was. They treated me like they would a member of their own family. I hope I never need another root canal but if I do, I’ll be sure to have Dr. Schow perform the procedure.


---  Lisa Scribner  ---

I had heard many horror stories about root canals, so I was very anxious when I learned that I would need to get one myself. Fortunately, Dr. Schow completely alleviated any of those concerns.

The procedure was painless and much quicker than I thought it would be. I had no pain in the days following the visit. Thanks again Dr. Schow!


---  Jason Mozes  ---

Dr. Schow has performed three root canals in my month in the last two years. The staff members at Dr. Schow’s office are friendly and make you feel welcome. I appreciate Dr. Schow’s professional ability to make a difficult task painless. During the procedure he was thoughtful about making sure I was comfortable and continually checked in with me to make sure I was okay. The office assistant was thorough in explaining post treatment to help manage any pain after the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Schow to any one that needs a root canal. I promise you, it will be painless.


---  Sherry Lilly  ---

I would have to say I was very impressed with the whole process. This is my third root canal and by far the best one I’ve had. It was absolutely painless with minimal pain afterwards. His staff is very professional, and are there to take care of you and make you feel comfortable. I have to go back for a retreat on a root canal not done by Dr. Schow and I know I’ll be in good hands when I return. Thanks for a great experience!


---  Steve Jensen  ---

I got my very first root(and hopefully last)canal with Dr.Schow and it was not as traumatizing as I thought it would be.Dr.Shcow was really friendly and his assistant Norma, has by far,been the best assistant to assist me in a long time.I will be going back for further procedures.


---  Rosie Berber  ---

I had been having pain in a molar of mine for quite awhile, it was a tooth that already had 2 root canals and 2 crowns already done. I was referred to Dr Schow to see what treatment I could get without having to pull the tooth. He did a Apicoectomy on it, he finished in little more than an hour. I have seen him before, I think he is great, very mellow, soft spoken, which is what I need. His staff is great too, very caring people. I would recommend him for sure. Thank you all, very much.


---  Kelly Dreier  ---

I had to have an emergency root canal on Thursday. My general dentist refered me to Dr. Schow. they were able to get me in for the procedure with in 2 hours of my call for help and completed the procedure in under one hour with no pain or discomfort. Everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful, I would go back for a root canal any time!


---  Sarah Lloid  ---

I had a root canal Thurs June 13th.This problem was additionally stressful due to infection in the upper gum area of the tooth.Dr. Schow and staff made me feel at ease and explained procedure as they performed it.Upon completion I was given careful instructions and medication to make my recovery as pain free and quick as possible.I appreciate their thoughtfulness and professionalism in every aspect of work.I would recommend them to anyone who needs similar treatment.


---  Larry Choate  ---

I had a root canal on Tuesday. Dr Schow has a great maner and was very caring and concerned for my comfort throught the procedure as was his assistant.

The Office staff are very helpful and have answered my questions, and have been responsive to my question when I call them.

I would highly recommend Dr Kevin Schow to any one that needs a root canal.


---  Rob Henrikson  ---

I had a root canal last Thursday. The staff at Vancouver Endodontics is both friendly and compeetent, answering all my questions with patience and clarity.

The procedure itself (for an infected tooth) was exactly as Dr. Schow had told me. It began on time and actually shorter than he predicted. I experienced no pain or discomfort. My recovery since has also been pain-free.

It was also a comfort to me that I was informed I could call for help and advice at any time.

While I would prefer to have no more root canals, I would return to Vancouver Endodontics without hesitation. I cannot imagine the procedure being more simple and painless.

I would certainly recommend Dr. Schow and Vancouver Endodontics to anyone in need of a root canal.


---  Jack Bonsor  ---

Whoever said getting a root canal was a painful / bad / scary thing obviously has never been to see Dr. Schow!

From the moment I walked into the office the staff was very friendly and treated me like family (the nice family that you like, not the mean, crazy uncle family). Everything from the paperwork to payment discussion were handled perfectly and with great ease.

Once I was in the chair, Dr. Schow was great! I didn’t feel the numbing needle at all, and the root canal was a breeze. Dr. Schow was very kind and very concerned with how I was feeling, not wanting me to be uncomfortable at all. He and his assistant worked great together!

The whole office worked together so well and I felt very comfortable there.

If I am ever forced to have a root canal again, I know where I’m going!


THANK YOU Dr. Schow and staff! You guys rock!!!


---  Trina McClure  ---

Dr. Schow and his staff did a great job. always making sure I was doing ok through the procedure. I was treated with very good respect. This was my first root canal and I was very nervous, it went very well..


Thank You Very Much Dr. Schow and your Staff..


---  Tracy Hylton  ---

I can’t find a fault anywhere. From my first phone contact to the financial arangements, to the painless proceedure, everything was great. Thank you Dr. Schow and staff.


---  Chris Waterhouse  ---

From the moment I called the office I experienced a warm welcome. Thank you Katrina and Sherri.

I called Dr Schow for a second opinion. So glad I did. His office has state of the art equipment-a 3D xray that really pinpointed my issue. Dr Schow explained what needed to be done in a very gentle manner. Sherri had all the details regarding my insurance and provided me with with payment options.

I am so grateful. Thank you Dr Schow and staff.


---  Ellen Abbott  ---